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In this web design practice assignment, we will be creating a website for a client from Rajasthan who wants to showcase Rajasthani Folk/Album music. The objective is to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website home page that will give the client an idea of what the final website would look like. We will be focusing on various sections of a music portal to fulfill the client’s requirements.


The header section of the website will typically include the logo or brand name of the music portal. It should also have a navigation menu with links to different pages of the website, such as Home, About, Artists, Albums, Events, and Contact. The header section should be easily accessible and visible on every page of the website.


The banner section will be the first thing that visitors will see when they land on the website. It should feature a visually captivating image or a slideshow of Rajasthani folk musicians or album covers. The banner can also include a catchy tagline or a brief introduction to the music portal.

Featured Artists

This section will highlight some of the prominent Rajasthani folk artists. Each artist’s name and image can be displayed in a grid or carousel format. Clicking on an artist’s image or name can lead to their individual profile page, where visitors can learn more about the artist and listen to their music.


The albums section will showcase the latest or most popular Rajasthani folk albums. Each album can be represented by its cover image, title, and the artist’s name. Clicking on an album can lead to a dedicated page where visitors can listen to the album’s tracks, read album reviews, and find information about the artist and the album’s release date.


This section will provide information about upcoming Rajasthani folk music events, such as concerts, festivals, or workshops. Each event can be displayed with its title, date, venue, and a brief description. Visitors can click on an event to get more details and purchase tickets if applicable.

Music Genres

Rajasthani folk music consists of various genres like Bhajan, Ghoomar, and Maand. This section can provide an overview of these genres, their characteristics, and their significance in Rajasthani culture. It can also include sample audio clips or videos to give visitors a taste of each genre.

Featured Videos

This section can showcase some popular Rajasthani folk music videos. Each video can be displayed with its thumbnail image, title, and the artist’s name. Clicking on a video can play it directly on the website or redirect visitors to a video sharing platform like YouTube.


The footer section will typically include additional navigation links, such as Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Copyright information. It can also have social media icons that link to the music portal’s social media profiles, allowing visitors to engage with the portal on different platforms.


The contact section will provide visitors with a way to get in touch with the music portal’s team. It can include a contact form where visitors can fill in their name, email, and message. Alternatively, it can display the portal’s email address and phone number for direct contact.


By including these sections in the website home page, we can create a comprehensive and visually appealing music portal for Rajasthani Folk/Album music. This assignment will help web development students practice their web design skills and gain experience in creating user-friendly interfaces for specific client requirements.

Remember, the purpose of this assignment is to give the client an idea of what the website would look like, so feel free to be creative and use appropriate colors, fonts, and imagery that reflect the essence of Rajasthani folk music.

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