Web Design at CSLAB Coding institue in Sikar

Course Duration : 3 Months for the full course and 30/45 days for the paid internship

Certificate: yes

Projects: 15 Projects for the Full Course and 2 projects for paid internship

Course Content

HTML & Web Accessibility

In these courses, you will learn in-depth web development concepts and techniques. You will also gain knowledge of the basics of web development—including HTML, CSS, programming with JavaScript, and source code management. In the Software Development training, you will learn the principles of web development from day one. The fundamentals are taught with user experience in mind, and best practices are consistently explained in each course.

The HTML & Web Accessibility course is meant to give you a strong foundation in the building blocks of web pages, prepare you for later courses, and tie web development into current events and real-life situations.

CSS & CSS Frameworks

The CSS & CSS Frameworks course aims to give you the ability to style the layouts you learned to create in HTML & Web Accessibility. This course covers a wide variety of techniques for styling an interface for the web, beginning with foundational concepts and common practices for writing CSS by hand, and concluding with the usage of related tools that style more efficiently.

User Experience & User Interface Design

The User Experience & User Interface Design course introduces the research skills that you need to identify your users and the solutions you need. Learning about UX/UI will further solidify the earlier concepts of usability and accessibility.

JavaScript & Front-End Web Development

The JavaScript & Front-End Web Development course provides you with a fundamental understanding of your first programming language, practices DOM manipulation and events on front-end web pages,and introduces more advanced JavaScript topics to scaffold information in later courses.

Frontend Frameworks

Bootstrap, tailwind etc.