Internship Summary

Student Name: Yuvraj

Duration: 15 Days

College :  Sobhasaria Engineering College, Sikar

Yuvraj has successfully completed a 15-day internship program at CSLAB Software Development and Computer Training Institute. During this intensive program, the student gained practical knowledge and hands-on experience in web development fundamentals.



Frontend Internship June 2024

Duration :15 Days

Key Learning Outcomes:


  • Learned about the structure and purpose of HTML documents
  • Mastered various HTML tags for creating web page content
  • Understood how to create HTML pages offline or online on codepen


  • Explored Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and its role in web design
  • Studied different types of CSS selectors (element, class, ID, attribute, and child-selectors)
  • Practiced applying CSS properties to control layout, typography, colors, and other visual aspects of web pages

UI Design:

  • Introduced to the principles of user interface (UI) design
  • Learned about color theory, typography, and layout in the context of web design
  • Developed an understanding of responsive design techniques for various devices

Throughout the internship, Yuvraj demonstrated a good aptitude for learning and consistently applied the concepts taught during the program. We at CSLAB Software Development and Computer Training Institute believe that this internship has provided a solid foundation for their future endeavors in web development.